Election Year Conversion: Barack Obama Wants to Streamline Government

“Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm!” had a big meeting at the White House today where, all of a sudden, Barack Obama wants to make the government smaller. All of a sudden, Barack Obama’s concerned about the inefficiency of the bureaucracy. All of a sudden, Barack Obama has realized that government isn’t working for small business. All of a sudden, Barack Obama has realized the trouble that average people have dealing with the government. All of a sudden, Barack Obama has realized that there are one hundred… Oh. No, this is the way to put it. “The Department of Homeland Security,” according to Barack Obama just moments ago, “reports to 100 different congressional committees and subcommittees and agencies.”
And, all of a sudden, Barack Obama said (paraphrased): “That’s too much paper! That’s too many reports! We’ve gotta streamline this.” The streamlining Barack Obama’s talking about will be unnoticeable after his health care bill is implemented. What a joke. What an absolute transparent, phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller FM type of a scam. All of a sudden, Obama’s the great small government reformer in an election year, with health care just waiting to be implemented, which will blow the size of this government up in ways that people cannot imagine — and then yesterday he had a big meeting on insourcing jobs.



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