Electability and Qualifications: Don’t Be Imprisoned by the Perceptions of Others

This is why I say, “Let’s get the best conservative we can.” Since we already have so much anti-Obama sentiment, why settle? Why not go for the whole ball of wax? (interruption) No, I am not kidding. It’s time. I tell you, it’s time to strip this bare. I have just alluded to this. I’m gonna tell you again. This whole business of “electable,” I’ve been hearing about it for weeks, months. We all have our circle of friends. I too have a circle of friends. Contrary to what you think, my circle of friends are no smarter than you. They’re no smarter than you. Just because they’re my friends doesn’t mean they’re smart. They’re not stupid, but I’m saying is they’re just like anybody else. This is the point.

That’s a good thing. I get frustrated at this “electability.” That’s how the Democrats chose John Kerry, by the way (who served in Vietnam). When Howard Dean failed in 2004 in Iowa, they panicked. “We’ve gotta get somebody who can win!” They thought Kerry could. This “electability” reason to nominate somebody is flawed from the get-go because the reasons that people think somebody can win are flawed, as evidenced by what I just told you. Let me tell you something, folks: I wouldn’t have one ounce of doubt about Rick Perry. I’ve been hoping Rick Perry would catch fire, but I have people in my sphere who don’t want to vote for Perry (and largely they’re women) because he sounds too much like Bush. He’s too stupid. He’s too hesitating in his speech and Obama will clean his clock in a debate.

I look at ’em and I scratch my head. “Have you looked at what he’s done as governor? Do you looked at what his tax policy is?”

“I don’t care! He embarrasses me.”

“Okay, fine. Let’s move on. What about Santorum?”

“Too extreme. Cares too much about abortion.”

“Okay, let’s see… How about Cain?”

“He can’t talk, either.” This what people around me say. “He can’t talk either.”

“Okay, what about Bachmann?”

“She’s too shrill, she’s too short, she’s a woman. She’s only been in Congress for five years. She doesn’t have a prayer.”

“Okay, write her off. What about…? Let’s see… How about a Huntsman?”

“He’s a phony! Plus the guy worked for Obama. He was a ambassador to China! Come on. Let’s be serious. This guy’s not a conservative!” You get to Romney and these people all said, “Now, there’s a guy who sounds smart. He’s seasoned, he’s been at this for a number of years, he’s composed, he looks good and he could beat Obama in a debate,” and in every one of these instances, folks, what’s been frustrating to me is not one reason rooted in policy has been cited as a reason to support or not support somebody. It has been very frustrating to me to see how surface — how “undeep,” if I may use that term — people are about this. I know why it’s the case, but it still burns me.



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