Don’t Hold Your Breath for Romney to Attack Obama the Way He Attacked Newt

Now, these super PACs, ladies and gentlemen, Democrats hate them. They despise them. And there are two reasons why. The Democrats have their own super PACs. One of their super PACs is the union movement. The Democrats have long had agents provocateur outside the political realm able to act independently or in concert. It didn’t matter. But the mother of all super PACs on the Democrat side is the news media. So the Citizens United case, in one way of looking at it, is balance, is fairness. Republicans don’t have the unions. You might say, “Well, they’ve got family values coalition people and they’ve got some of their special interest groups,” but those groups are not as combative as the labor union movements are.

We don’t have — didn’t have until recently — an alternative media. Same thing. So the super PAC stuff, the Citizens United worries the Democrats because, as I pointed out, whoever the nominee is, if he chooses to, can lay off Obama — which will happen, by the way. I am sure of it. Particularly Romney. I don’t think there is any way… Romney’s already said, “He’s just in over his head. Well, you know, he’s nice guy. Misguided. The Republican consultants that are in play here are not going to permit their candidate to go after Obama. They think they’re gonna be losing independents. And if I didn’t know better, I would say that the consultants will also try to rein in the super PACs, too.

They’ll be scared to death. I’ll tell you something else. The bottom line… I’ve got audio sound bites here that will back me up on this, as I’ve said this from the get-go. Way too much of the Republican establishment doesn’t think Obama can lose anyway. They don’t think Obama can be beat. Their Romney choice is all oriented toward holding the House and winning the Senate, putting themselves in charge of the money and the regulations, and then stopping Obama that way. Now, you and I all think Obama can be beat. But the vast majority of the people who serve as consultants, advise candidates, will do their best to make sure that whatever the vitriol you’re seeing here in this primary will not happen in the general.



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