Democrat Hacks Host GOP Debates

There are plenty of other places that our guys could go to set up their own debates with their own moderators that would have as the primary purpose to elicit their ideas, not where they would be treated as suspects and be forced into areas of distraction. Like this silly question of contraception. There isn’t a state that bans contraception. It’s a nonissue and it was asked by George Stephanopoulos, who’s not a journalist. He’s a Bill Clinton political hack. He was one half of the Clinton war room. He’s not a journalist. There’s not even a pretense of it, anywhere. He’s a Democrat political hack and he gets away with being able to operate in the guise of being a journalist and of course along with that comes the notion he’s objective and fair and just interested in the truth or whatever ambiguous objective they claim to be interested in. That’s not at all what this is.

So this is why many people, many of our voters are saying, “Why do you keep doing these CNN and ABC and MSNBC debates?” And of course our people say, “Well, it’s good that they do, ’cause this is a good training ground. It’s a good proving ground because this is what it’s gonna be like once they’re elected president.” Well, that may be true, but the idea is to get elected. There are better ways to get your ideas out. There are better ways to make your case than to be in prison thinking that we still have to do it by way of the mainstream media. I’m telling you, we have way too many people on our side in the upper reaches of our ruling class, of our elites, who think that we’re gonna somehow have to make our case favorably in the mainstream media. We’re gonna have to do it in such a way that they don’t criticize us, otherwise we don’t have a prayer and that’s what’s guiding this.

So that’s why we have a party that sucks up to these people, stupidly and ignorantly sucks up to the media. That’s why all this takes place, because there’s this never-ending desire for approval from these people. Which is just like Harry Reid said, (paraphrasing) “What do you mean work with the Republican? My job here is to destroy him.” The media is the same thing, “What do you mean be fair to you people? My job is to see to it that you don’t win the White House.” So why would we subject ourselves to people whose job it is to see to it we don’t succeed? Because it’s good training, because it’s good education, because it’s good preparation? This is circular firing squad kind of stuff.



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