Debate Proves Conservatism Sells

An amazing debate last night. I’ve been taking the temperature of people who watched it and I always find it fascinating. I was jumping out of my chair last night on a couple of occasions, because I’m the one who said — and you all know — all this would take from the get-go is somebody to consistently, constantly articulate conservatism properly with confidence and good cheer, and that person, if done from the get-go, would end up owning this. And the fact that that didn’t happen throughout the course of the debates, for a host of reasons, highlights when it does happen, like last night.

But I checked with some people and some thought, “Well, yeah, big deal, too little, too late. Romney’s got this in the bag. It doesn’t matter. Everybody watching has already made up their mind. Nobody’s watching whose mind can be changed.” The negativity disguised as people trying to be realistic was a little interesting to me, though off-putting at times, because I’m one who never thinks it’s over. I’m the one who thinks it’s never too late. And I thought last night everybody — except Ron Paul, and this was even good, he was incoherent. I’ll tell you one of the funniest things. Fox obviously had an arrangement with
Twitter, because they read questions that people had tweeted. So there’s obviously some arrangement. It was Fox News/Wall Street Journal, and then there were some tweet questions.



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