At least one well-known conservative has begun speaking out-loud the notion that an Obama re-election might not be the very worst thing that could happen, either to the nation or to Republicans—even to real Republicans–that is, conservatives, members of the party base whose mistrust of Obama is nearly equaled by their mistrust of Mitt Romney and the 2008 ‘Ghost of Romney past’, John McCain.

The best-selling author of “Looking out for Number One” and “Restoring the American Dream”, Robert Ringer has been a Libertarian/conservative for decades. And given 5 decades of Libertarian leanings, his support of Ron Paul should surprise no one.

But just prior to the Iowa Caucus, Ringer decided that should Ron Paul run the independent, third party campaign many so fear him capable of “and it resulted in Obama’s re-election, [Ringer] would be fine with that if it keeps Romney from taking the reins of power and feeding us small doses of socialism day in and day out.”

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