Barack Obama is the Problem

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you understand my purpose here. I’m not sloughing anything off. What do you expect me to do? If you want me to “start condemning” Newt, since when am I on Newt’s bandwagon? I praise Newt; I criticize Newt whenever it’s called for. I have not chosen a candidate — and this is why I never endorse in primaries! You never know when this kind of stuff is gonna pop up.

You know, all of these people who think they’ve got the power to name a nominee have been endorsing people since this whole thing began, and where are they now? How many people endorsed Santorum, and it looks like at the end of the day January it’s very likely that the two Republicans standing will be Santorum and Romney. Now, who would have predicted that? And Newt may weather this, ’cause I don’t know how much of it is really unknown to people, and the divorce rate in the country’s 50%. There are a lot of… The angry ex-spouse is not something that’s unique in this culture. Everybody has an angry ex-spouse, or has had at one point or another if they’ve been divorced.

(interruption) I’m saying ex-spouse. I didn’t say ex-wife. Dawn screaming at me, “Sometimes it’s the man!” I know, I’m not being sexist here. My only point is I have no idea how this is gonna play out. I have no idea what the impact’s gonna be. I don’t know how many people are gonna get mad at the media for this, how many people are gonna get mad at Marianne Gingrich. I don’t know how many people are gonna let this slide. I have no clue. Really no clue, but there’s some things I do know. The things that I do know are that this country is precariously balanced on an edge — and if it goes the wrong way, the country as you and I know it is finished. What I know is, as I said yesterday: Whatever Mitt Romney’s tax rate is, he’s not responsible for that.



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