An Angry Newt Could Hurt Romney

Newt came out there and he’s mad. Newt is ticked off. He is livid over the negative ads that Romney ran. Well, Romney’s PAC ran against him in Iowa. And it’s true, it’s safe to say that Romney’s ads took Newt out. Newt was at the top of the heap going into Iowa. Those ads worked. They took the bottom right out. Newt’s foundation just plummeted. And Newt is angry about it, and it came across that he was angry. And some people say that that’s not good, and Snerdley said, “It’s not, it’s not good. You’re supposed to be ebullient and optimistic and positive and so forth. You’re not supposed to get mad out there on the campaign trail. It shows intemperance, lack of judgment,” so forth and so on.

But let me tell you how this is gonna manifest itself. Newt’s not getting out. He’s in this to destroy Romney now. Newt may be more motivated to destroy Romney than to even win this. Now, who does that benefit? Santorum, who’s gonna be sitting out over there on the other side, you know, doing the Mr. Clean routine. Newt’s already got a full-page ad in the Union Leader comparing himself to Romney. And Bachmann’s gotten out, and Bachmann was one of Romney’s chief agitators for a while. Then she backed off hoping, people theorized, that she might be positioning herself to be picked as the veep. But now it’s possible that Romney might have to endure Newt going for the jugular in these debates. There’s a Saturday night debate coming up, right? I think there’s a debate Saturday night, and Newt is going to be loaded for bear. The gloves are coming off. So Newt will do to Romney, will try to do to Romney what Bachmann did to Pawlenty and to Newt. You know, she was a thorn in Newt’s side. She wouldn’t let go of it. Newt didn’t get mad at her so much, but he got mad at Romney ’cause of the ads. Newt’s motivated now.



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