Americans Say Obama Has Accomplished Little

Americans Say Obama Has Accomplished Little: In his past State of the Union addresses, President Barack Obama promised to “seize this moment,” “carry the dream forward,” and proposed initiatives he said would help America “win the future.” As he prepares to deliver his third address on Tuesday, what do Americans feel he has achieved? According to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, more than double the number of Americans said “little or nothing” (27%) compared to those who said he has achieved a “great deal” (12%). A total of 52% of Americans said “not much, little/nothing,” while 47% said he has accomplished a “great deal or good amount.” These numbers are almost as bad as President Bill Clinton’s numbers were right before the 1994 midterm election when Democrats suffered major losses and lost control of the House and Senate. In August 1994, only 36% of Americans told Washington Post/ABC News Mr. Clinton accomplished a “great deal or good amount,” while 64% said “not much, little/nothing.”



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