After S.C. Win, Gingrich Bound for Disney World

Lazarus is going to Disney World.

Newt Gingrich’s back-from-the-grave performance in South Carolina now propels him, revived and renewed, to Florida. There the kinetic Republican presidential race will no doubt serve up further jolts, twists, turns and dips worthy of the Magic Kingdom.

The former House speaker soared in December, ordained himself the front-runner, and was taken down by the negative attack ads produced by Mitt Romney’s super PAC in Iowa. He finished an ignoble fifth in the New Hampshire primary and fourth in the Iowa caucuses. But after Saturday night’s win, Gingrich will head to Florida, and the comforts of another Southern electorate, as Romney’s chief challenger for the Republican nomination.

It seems a stunning turnaround, but we should not be surprised at Gingrich’s ability to bounce back from adversity, said Rich Galen, a former top Gingrich aide. “One of the things that Newt has always preached … is that the principal reason that people with a good idea fail is that they give up on it too soon,” Galen said. His South Carolina comeback “is absolutely in keeping with Newt’s history.”



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