A Theory on the Royal Lifestyle of the Obamas

There’s another news story that came out. This is in the New York Post, but I guess it’s actually been in more places and I just read it first in the New York Post. Jodi Kantor, who is an infobabe reporter for the New York Times, has a book on the Obamas about to come out. It had some excerpts published over the weekend, and they reveal in this book that the White House put on a big Halloween party in 2009 — right in the middle of the worst of the economic downturn — and it was an Alice in Wonderland-themed party. They had Johnny Depp come in, in character, and run the whole thing, along with a Hollywood director named Tim Burton. They had vials…

I mean, this was a Hollywood theme party. They had vials of blood. It was just an over-the-top, no-expenses-spared, Halloween party in the White House that they didn’t want anybody outside the White House to know about; and the reason they didn’t want anybody to know about it is because they were puttin’ on the dog and they were spending money left and right, and having a grand old time in the midst of massive economic pain throughout the country. Unemployment, job prospects dwindling for a lot of people. But this private Halloween party that they gave for themselves took place in the State Dining Room.

As I say, the room was decorated by Tim Burton and included costumes. George Lucas actually sent Chewbacca from Star Wars. He actually sent the costume and an actor to be Chewbacca. They drank punch out of blood vials. And Johnny Depp was there in character, the Mad Hatter or some such thing, and — and the media obviously knew about it and didn’t say a word about it. They sat on it, knowing that such extravagance and weirdness might not fly too well in a country in the middle of one of its worse recessions and now it’s come out and the White House says, “Well, the media knew about this,” which I don’t doubt! I don’t doubt for a minute the media knew all about this and was hoping to be invited to it.



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