Why We Must Unite And Support The Republican Nominee No Matter What!

By Jay Taylor, Vice President of Political Strategy – Liberty Alliance, LLC

We post many articles on ConservativeByte that are critical of candidates who drift away from core conservative values. Some readers are disappointed when we don’t present their favorite candidate in a completely positive light. Unlike the mainstream media however, we are obligated to be fair and objective. Personally, I want to see the most conservative candidate win the nomination. However, I will support whoever wins the nomination. Let me explain why you should as well.

As everyone can observe, the primary process is getting nasty. Keep in mind that this process was designed to give us the best candidate. Candidates have to fight and prove they are the best. At the end of the day however, we will have a nominee that not every conservative can agree to support. This brings me to a very important goal that all conservatives must seek to achieve: We must unite and support the Republican nominee no matter what!

If we are going to ensure our country’s survival, we must remember just three letters—ABO: Anybody But Obama. If we were really honest with ourselves, Hillary would have been a better Democrat than Obama. Misguided as she is, she is an American and does not hate America like Obama does. That’s what I mean when I say, Anybody But Obama! But I digress. Let’s talk about the various candidates.

I made a simple list of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses to see if there was anyone I could rule out. I found one word for their strengths and one word for their weaknesses to make it easy. I discovered that any of them, even with their weaknesses, would be far better than Obama. I know this isn’t perfect, but let me know what you think:

You can see where a candidate’s weakness could hinder them in a campaign against Obama. However, their strength is certainly better than Obama. Newt Gingrich always has an intelligent argument and is quick-witted. Unfortunately, he has a past full of baggage that keeps conservatives from getting completely behind him. Mitt Romney has real experience as a governor, businessman, and former Presidential candidate. Unfortunately, he has a bit of a populist leaning on his political philosophy. Ron Paul is a staunch constitutionalist, but has an isolationist philosophy that is way over the top. Michelle Bachmann is a leader of the TEA party, but can come across as petty and harsh—especially in the debates. Rick Perry has real executive experience as a Governor, but lost several supporters when he could not successfully explain his position on immigration. Rick Santorum holds to conservative values more tenaciously than any other candidate, but his youthful appearance has doomed him to not be taken seriously. Jon Huntsman has a history of being able to work with Democrats to get things done, but this means that he is a centrist and this is also a serious weakness.

Sadly, I’ve heard people say that they won’t support this candidate or that candidate it they are nominated. I really find this disheartening. I am afraid for our country that some of you won’t come together to defeat Obama. Our country is teetering on the edge of losing everything that our founding fathers and veterans have fought to achieve. I hope these conservatives will overcome their pride and stubbornness to stop this communist in the White House.
We currently have a radical un-American President who did not answer any questions about his radical past and his questionable associations. So, it’s only logical to make sure our candidate is completely vetted. No candidate is going to be perfect, but we need to know each of his or her weaknesses. We must measure them with our own values as well as how well they will match up against Obama. Once we get a nominee, we must create a united front. United we stand, divided we fall.



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