Why in the world would Herman ‘I want smaller government and a Washington outsider’ Cain endorse Newt Gingrich? Looking to be Newt’s wingman?

Herman Cain claims to be a small government, pro-business leader who would find solutions outside of the typical Washington beltway. During the campaign, he quickly became a Tea Party darling for his promises to reduce taxes and government spending. And while his campaign came to a quick end over the weekend, he clearly wants to remain a political player. But why would he ever in a million years plan on endorsing Newt Gingrich (as rumors currently say he will on Monday)?

Newt Gingrich, as Glenn has said on several occasions, is a big government Washington insider. Glenn has even said he’s your typical “Republican progressive.” Is Cain totally selling out his values with this rumored endorsement, and if so – why?

“Now, I have made mistakes in life. Everybody has,” Cain told supporters. “I’ve made mistakes professionally. Personally. As a candidate in terms of how I run my campaign. And I take responsibility for the mistakes that I made. And I have been the very first to hold up to any mistakes that I have made.”



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