The Ron Paul Problem

Ron Paul said this Wednesday night, “before a packed room of a thousand students and supporters,” and he said, “That’s exactly what [this administration is] doing now with Iran.” I know a lot of people like Ron Paul’s domestic policy. He’s very tough talking on budget cuts and shrinking government and individual liberty, and that’s attractive. But, folks, this foreign policy is disastrous — and to sit there, to attack the country this way, to say that the Bush administration was in “glee,” the Bush administration was happy? This is Democrat talk, to say that George W. Bush was happy, that Cheney was happy after 9/11 because, “A-ha, there’s our excuse to attack Iraq!”

This is the reason that there are a lot of people who are uncomfortable with him. Now, the long knives continue to be out for Newt today all over. It’s exactly what I told you yesterday. I hope you were here yesterday. George Will has a column coming on Sunday — I’m just gonna tell you — that warns that Ron Paul will probably give Obama the election. Ron Paul might go third party. This foreign policy, it’s just nutty, folks! The Republican establishment wants no part of Newt for the reasons that I detailed yesterday. The Republican establishment is governed totally — in fact, I’ve got some sound bites here. Snerdley, he didn’t believe me yesterday. I’ve got some sound bites here, Republican — I forget who; look it up; worried about what happened to Goldwater is gonna happen again if we nominate a conservative.

It’s Goldwater and that landslide that scares the Republican establishment. Not the Reagan victories in the ’80s, but the Goldwater landslide in ’64. So the Republican establishment gets behind Romney, and they turned everything upside down. Normally, as I said yesterday, to win the nomination you secure the base; after you win the nomination with the party base, then you move to the center to win the general election by getting disaffected members of the opposite party and moderates, independents. What the Republicans have done is they’ve pushed Romney, the moderate, and they’ve tried to split the vote of the conservatives with all these other candidates. I mean, they’re standing tradition and theory on its head as they try to steer this to Romney, and it’s all backfiring on them now. Now, Ron Paul looks like he might win Iowa. Other people are saying it looks like Newt’s getting stronger in Iowa, too.

It’s all over the place now.



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