Stunning! GOP poll reveals Iowa distrusts 1 candidate

A Public Policy Polling report has stirred the GOP primary race in Iowa, showing Newt Gingrich’s support imploding and Ron Paul in the lead.

But buried in the survey of likely Iowa Republican voters is the stunning conclusion that more than half either don’t believe Barack Obama or aren’t sure he’s telling the truth about his eligibility to be president.

The poll indicated that 31 percent do not believe Obama was born in the United States – an indication of their disbelief about his eligibility to be president.

Another 21 percent were not sure. Some 47 percent said they believe he was born in the United States. Some, however, argue that even that is not sufficient to establish that Obama is a “natural born citizen,” as the Constitution requires for presidents. The poll comes eight months after the White House released his “Certificate of Live Birth” as “proof positive” of his birth in Hawaii and, therefore, his eligibility.

The Atlantic Wire, reporting on the poll, which was conducted by telephone over the weekend, noted the “tidbit” that “52 percent either said he was not or they’re not sure” without referencing the significance of such a finding.



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