Rush to Barack: You are the Problem

If you were going to give a hate-filled, lie-filled class warfare speech attacking the foundations of the American system — from which, by the way, if you’re Obama, you benefit like few others in history have.

And, by the way, Mr. President, you haven’t contributed a damn thing to this country’s prosperity! You are sure benefiting from it, but you haven’t contributed an iota. It would at least be helpful, Mr. President, if you would get your straw men and your propaganda straight. May I call you “Barack”? You can’t have “rugged individualism” and “socialism.” Let me see if I can explain this, Mr. President, in a way that you can understand. Something cannot be an apple and a walnut at the same time. The point is, you don’t believe in rugged individualism; you believe in massive government! But he said during the speech, “rugged individualism.” He said (paraphrased), “I’m all for it, but that it doesn’t work.”

Look around you, Mr. President. That suit that you’re wearing, the tie, those shoes, the pens that you use to sign all these executive orders, your two Boeing 747s (lavishly furnished), all of those helicopters, the limousines that you drive around in — all of which you use to excess. The fuel that is used by all of these modes of transportation, none of it, sir — none of it! — was produced by your precious government. None of it! You played 88 rounds of golf this year. Those golf clubs, golf balls, golf bags, all the other equipment — the hot dogs you eat at basketball games, the hamburgers when you have your meet-the-common man photo-ops — none of it was produced by the government, Mr. President. And you, sir, are not capable of helping to produce any of it yourself.

You are a sponge.



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