Ron Paul Puts on the Tinfoil Hat

Okay, now, I got a question in the e-mail. Somebody said, “Well, wait a minute. Didn’t Ron Paul just admit that Libya had a nuclear program and so why is it so hard to believe Iran has one?” Ron Paul wants them to have a nuclear program. This is what people are missing. He says (paraphrased): “Look, when you have a nuclear bomb is when you’re respected. Take a look at the way we dealt with the Soviets in the Cold War for 30 years as opposed to what we’re doing with Iraq. We’re talking about bombing Iraq off the face of the earth. We’re talking about bombing a billion people! (Ron Paul impression) We never talked that way about the Russians because they had the same number of boooombs pointed at us! If you were Iraaaan you’d want a nuclear boooomb, too. Besides, the only reeeeason they want nuuuuclear weapons, because we’re making ’em dooo it. It’s our fault. If you were in Iraaaan, and you had to face these evil Americans, you’d want a bomb, tooooooo!” Anyway, this was the, say, highlight of the night for Congressman Paul. There are memorable moments in each debate. That little exchange was his.



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