Romney Won’t Call Obama a Socialist

I got some e-mails. “What is the big deal about calling Obama a socialist, Rush? It’s not that big a deal.” Look, folks, my problem is that nobody has any problem calling the European Union a bunch of socialist nations. They call ’em socialist democracies. In criticizing what’s happening in Europe, and their economic plight and their demise, everybody says, “Yeah, that’s a bunch of socialist nations,” and nobody bats an eye. Everybody’s cool with it. Because it’s what it is. And Mitt Romney has no trouble calling Newt Gingrich any bad name, whatever. And not just Romney. Our side will call other members on our team any sort of bad name.

What is being said about Gingrich by his opponents is far worse than Romney calling Obama a socialist, or anybody else calling Obama a socialist. So we can call Newt Gingrich anything, and nobody’s worried about what that’s gonna do to voters. Mitt Romney thinks he can win the Republican nomination by going scorched-earth negative with one of his super PACs on Newt Gingrich. Mitt Romney is obviously totally comfortable with negative campaigning, all the blasphemous words, terms being used to describe Newt, or whoever else who surfaces to become the not-Romney. But when it’s Obama, no, no, no, Rush we can’t do that, we can’t call Obama a socialist. We can call Greece a bunch of socialists. We can call Spain a bunch of socialists. We can call the European Union a bunch of commie pinkos, and we call the Chinese communists. We cannot call Obama socialist, no, no, no.

So our Republicans, they can win the Republican nomination by going scorched earth negative, but we can’t win anything else by being true? Oh, is that it? You know, I keep forgetting, the fact that Obama is black, is why we can’t call him a socialist? Is that it, because Obama’s black we can’t call him anything? Is that what it is? That had slipped my mind because when I look at Obama, I don’t see black. I see a socialist. I see a Marxist. I see a guy who’s got this country in his crosshairs. So we can call Gingrich whatever we want because he’s white. Or we can call Gingrich whatever we want ’cause he’s not black. But Obama, he’s black. We can’t call him a socialist. That’s racist and we don’t want to be called racists. Well, then, we may as well just give up.



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