Pro-Bachmann Super PAC switches to Romney

A political action committee which had planned to support Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign has very quietly defected to Mitt Romney — and it’s spending big on his behalf.

Citizens for a Working America, the so-called Super PAC which aired TV ads against a Democratic congressional candidate last year, had indicated earlier this year that it was backing the Minnesota congresswoman in the GOP nominating contest. But the group instead made a $475,000 Iowa ad buy on Christmas Eve in support of Romney, according to Federal Election Commission data published today.

The so-called independent expenditure was listed as supporting Romney’s candidacy, and an Iowa political operative who has seen the ad confirmed to The Daily that it’s a 30-second positive spot about the former Massachusetts governor that doesn’t mention any other candidate.

Three political insiders associated with the Super PAC did not immediately return calls and emails seeking comment. But it’s just the latest indication of how far Bachmann’s campaign has fallen since quickly peaking with an Ames Straw Poll win in August. And less than a week before the Iowa caucuses, it will help further position Romney for what’s increasingly shaping up to be a surprise win.



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