Prediction: The Left Will Try to Ban Football

The league is concerned that somebody’s gonna get killed. That’s what this is about. Folks, I’m having a conversation here with somebody that is not over as the commercial break ends. Somebody asked me about the suspension of James Harrison of the Steelers. It’s the first time that a player has been suspended for a tackle in a game since I forget who it was that body slammed Jim McMahon of the Bears. It was back in the back in the eighties. But I’m gonna tell you something, folks, very briefly about this. I should probably should spend more time on this at some point, maybe on Open Line Friday. But I visit a lot of football websites as you know and I have taken to reading some of the comments from readers of these websites, and I am struck by a number of things.

A, the coarseness and the overall what I think is just general culture decline of manners. It’s just an endless parade of human debris on these things. But there’s also an endless parade of liberals on these things, and this whole notion about helmet-to-helmet hits and the games too rough. I’m gonna tell you what’s going to happen. I’m gonna make a prediction for you. The league is going after this Harrison business and helmet-to-helmet hits because they are genuinely afraid somebody’s going to get killed on the field. Carson Palmer a couple of years ago is a quarterback symposium said the same thing. The league is genuinely worried that’s gonna happen.

As these guys get bigger and faster, the size of the field doesn’t change, and there’s a lot of cultural stuff going on here as well. If that were to ever happen — if somebody were to get killed and die in the game, not in the hospital later, die in the game? I’m gonna make a prediction to you. Even without that, it’s not going to be long before the wusses, the New Castrati in our society are going to be suggest that football be banned, that tackle football be banned. (interruption) No, I’m not kidding. I’m dead serious. Not next year or the year after that. I’m just telling you it’s coming. I see this. It’s just like when the SUV, back when the Sierra Club said, “We gotta start targeting it and get rid of the SUV, it’s polluter,” it’s the same thing here.



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