Pop Culture Prays for Tebow to Fail

No, I didn’t. I did not see that. Michael Strahan was talking about McNabb yesterday? (interruption) You…? (interruption) Oh. (interruption) Oh. (interruption) Snerdley is telling me that Michael Strahan…? (interruption) This on the Fox pregame show he was urging McNabb not to retire? Oh. Ohhhh. He was explaining why they can’t give it up, why they just can’t walk away? It’s just too big? Oh, okay. (interruption) It was sad? These guys said they can’t walk away. They can’t walk away from the money, the applause, the cheers. (sigh) Yeah, it is terribly sad. Very, very sad. Speaking of sad, the Chicago Bears. For those of you Bears fans, you got a coach that doesn’t think quarterback matters. Lovie Smith. I remember back in the days of… I don’t even know who the quarterback was.

Oh! It was Rex Grossman, and, of course, they did go to the Super Bowl with Grossman, but Grossman wasn’t the reason. I can remember Lovie Smith at the press conference (impression), “The quarterback position…” He talked about it as though it was just any other position on the field. So they’ve got this back up to Cutler, Caleb, and he’s had three INTs in the past couple weeks. It doesn’t look promising. So after the action yesterday, the word spread the Bears might rethink calling McNabb to come in and at Lovie Smith’s press conference, he said, “No way! We are not calling anybody! We’re not bringing anybody in! We’re gonna use what we’ve got.” So you Bears fans, I feel for you, but Lovie is being consistent: The quarterback position is the same as any other position on the field.

Yeah, I saw the Denver game. I see every game, Snerdley. I have DirecTV Sunday Ticket. Speaking of that, there’s a great piece — and I mentioned this earlier — that somehow made it into USA Today. Oh, I’m sorry! It’s USAToday.com. That explains it. I don’t know that it made the dead tree version of the paper. I haven’t seen a dead tree version. I was trying to think the other day the last time I actually “read” a newspaper. It has to be years. I do it all now online as a lot of people do. Anyway, this is a piece by a guy named Larry Taunton, T-a-u-n-t-o-n. He is “the director of Fixed Point Foundation, the author of The Grace Effect: How the Power of One Life Can Reverse the Corruption of Unbelief,” and he has a piece here on Tebow at USAToday.com.



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