Palin Endorses Trump Debate, Urges Candidates to Join

Sarah Palin is urging Republican presidential candidates to take part in the Newsmax ION Television 2012 Presidential Debate moderated by Donald Trump.

The former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate made her endorsement in an interview that aired Wednesday night on the Fox Business Network. Palin’s endorsement is the latest high-profile conservative to support the debate set for Dec. 27.

“I think candidates should not be afraid in front of the nation no matter who the host of the debate is,” Palin said. “What is a bit appealing about this idea of Trump hosting a debate is, consider the diverse audience that perhaps he can attract. It’s important that independents and those who are not obsessed with inside-baseball partisan politics, which is most of us, we’d like to hear more of the message of each one of these candidates and perhaps Donald Trump will be able to attract a diverse demographic that maybe has not been as interested in this horse race thus far.



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