Our Education System has Failed to Teach Economic Freedom

There is no question. So what we’ve done, we’ve subsidized poverty. I’ve heard stories, we’ve had people call this program, just like this guy, Soviets, ex-patriots, people that used to live there, government officials, when they came here and saw the corner grocery store, their minds were blown. They’d never seen that kind of plenty. When they saw a big box store, they had no comprehension. They had no way to comprehend a Costco. It made no sense. They had no experience with that. Their experience, forget the name, but in Moscow there was this giant big store that had everything. GUM. That’s right, it was the GUM department store, except it didn’t have anything. There was a shortage of everything in this store all the time. Now, the leaders never shopped there. The leaders took all the good stuff before it ended up at the GUM department store. We’ve spent $16 trillion in the war on poverty since the sixties. The same amount of money we owe in our national debt. Our national debt equals what we have spent on the war on poverty. What does that tell you? Thank you, Steve. That’s Steve, Chicago. Great, great call.



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