Obama: Unemployment Benefits Will Create More Jobs Than Keystone Pipeline

That’s another lie. The Keystone creates pipeline 20,000 jobs immediately up to a half a million. Unemployment benefits create jobs? (laughing) Think of that. Unemployment benefits create jobs. What was it that Pelosi said the return was? For every dollar spent on unemployment benefits, the economy grows by a buck and a half or two dollars or whatever? I mean, it’s absurd. It’s literally absurd. Unemployment benefits? Where are all the jobs created? We’ve had the payroll tax holiday for a year. There aren’t any new jobs being created.

The unemployment number is getting smaller because the universe of jobs is if we go to smaller. They’re just simply shrinking it. But I mean the answer to this is, “Mr. President, do both! If you’re focused like a laser on jobs, do both. What is this straw man you continue to construct? What is this either on? Why not do both! We need jobs; you say you’re laser focused on jobs; you understand people want to work. Why not do both, Mr. President?” and it’s like I said yesterday, the pipeline project brings campaign contributions from both sides of the issue: The environmentalist wackos and the oil interests. They are both sending money to Obama hoping he decides in their favor. If he decides now, he cuts off half of that money — and everything he’s doing is about his reelection and nothing else.



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