Obama Says Economy was Worse Than We Knew

This is huge, folks. This is huge. Now… (interruption) What did you say? (interruption) No. No, no. (interruption) Nope. It’s all coming in the next hour. I gotta do this See, I Told You So. I have got to. This has been… My Stacks of Stuff floweth over. Folks, I can’t tell you, this has been the most extraordinary month, the most extraordinary week for my accuracy rating. It is just all coming together. It’s intense, it’s undiluted, and this may be one of the biggest ever to go along with global warming and Fast and Furious. I want to take you back. This is what I said on July 2nd, 2009. Obama had been in office barely six months and at that time I’m still the only guy who has the guts and the gonads to criticize Obama and his policies.

Everybody else in the Republican Party was afraid. Well, there were some other people in the conservative media that were criticizing him, but it was timid. On January 16th, before he was immaculated, I was the one who said, “I hope he fails.” You remember all the hell that that caused; and into the first six months of the regime, the stimulus. Everybody was cowed. Everybody was afraid to be critical of this historical, first black president. “Give him the benefit of the doubt.” David Brooks said he liked the crease in his pants. He’s had dinner with the assemblage of conservative columnists led by George Will and Krauthammer and Larry Kudlow. He had told John Boehner and the Republican leadership not to listen to me anymore, “That’s not how things get done in Washington.” So I was out there leading the charge, and this is what I said July 2nd, 2009, right here on this program in this very studio.



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