Obama Poll Numbers are Devastating (Yet the GOP Thinks He Can’t Be Beat)

And the Republican establishment still doesn’t believe Obama can be beat. A random act of journalism from John Berman at ABC’s Good Morning America. Big major across the board discontent. And I tell you, the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll came out last night, and it’s devastating as well, plus it shows Newt at 40, nationally. Obama’s popularity has fallen a full 31 points since before he took office. And for the first time ever in the ABC News/Washington Post poll, more people have a negative view of him than positive. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is being told, no, people like him, people love Obama, feel sorry for him. Don’t go out there and criticize Obama. Remember Joe Biden? The Iraq war, he’s gonna shove it down George Bush’s throat. And now out there today, all of these guys, trying to take credit for it.



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