Obama Grapples with Vacation Decision

Obama’s vacation. TheHill.com, I swear when I went to the website and read the story and I swear my computer screen started crying. The story is a tear-soaked article out this morning about what they say is one of the toughest decisions Obama has ever faced in his presidency. I’m not making that up. That is how they characterized this. One of the toughest decisions he’s ever faced in his presidency, and the decision is — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — whether to go to Hawaii for his Christmas vacation or not. You see, Moochelle (My Belle) and the kids are already occupying Hawaii while Obama remains in Washington to occupy the White House.

The sad thing is that The Hill in their tear-soaked piece might actually be right here, this could be one of Obama’s toughest calls ever. But in the end, Obama, like Clinton, like everybody else, is gonna do what the focus groups and the polls say will be the best optics. His reelection comes first even before vacationing in Hawaii. But I mean, folks, look, I mean passing up spending 17 days alone on a tropical island with Michelle Obama, what could he be thinking? Who could pass that up? Ahem. But you have to wonder, at least I do, as a married guy, I have to wonder here why Michelle and the girls couldn’t have simply waited a few days. Why? I mean it’s just today, it’s December the 21st, and she’s been gone four days. She split the scene on the 17th.

The kids are still in school. A lot of people’s kids are still in school. Why couldn’t they have all just gone to Camp David? It’s a Christmasy destination. But think of how this indecision is inconveniencing his Secret Service detail. You may not know this. George W. Bush spent Christmas in the White House. You know why? He got out of there after Christmas, went down to Crawford, but he spent Christmas in the White House so his Secret Service detail could stay at home in Washington and spend some time with their families. Now, he mighta hightailed it for Crawford on the 26th, but he spent Christmas in the White House. Obama, of course that’s not a concern, and he probably might be saying, “Secret Service, why, hell, family or Hawaii, who cares when, I’ll opt for Hawaii.” Who knows.

But Michelle (My Belle) and the kids couldn’t wait, just like they couldn’t wait four hours to accompany Obama to Martha’s Vineyard back in August. They left four hours early. And we had the story out of Oahu about how much this is costing. What is it, $4 million this whole thing is gonna cost, a hundred thousand dollars minimum a day, and that did not factor Michelle (My Belle) and the kids going early on their own plane before Obama takes his two 747s out there.



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