Newt Lights a Firestorm

Newt Gingrich has lit a firestorm out there with his comments on poor kids and work. Yeah, he has. It’s predictable, too, that it would happen. We’ve got the sound bites. Yeah. He said, we need to have kids getting up with a sense of purpose, get up, go to work, get paid; find out what this is like rather than…

The only time these kids in poor sections of the country are working, it’s illegal. We gotta do something with the child labor laws. You get up, get ’em go to work, get paid, find out what that’s all about. Everybody is having a cow over this. This is all predicted by me, El Rushbo, over the past 23 years. It’s all been predicted. From not keeping score in little kids’ football and baseball games, to little Johnny being told two plus two is five is correct because he’s try, to giving awards to kids that don’t deserve it so that you don’t humiliate ’em, we’ve created a young bunch of skulls full of mush with self-esteem classes. Everybody thinks they’re special for not doing anything! As kids they’re treated with kid gloves. 2 + 2 = 5?

“That’s right, little Johnny. Until you learn it’s four, that’s good. You’re trying. We don’t want to humiliate you, if you think 2 + 2 = 5, keep it up little Johnny. That’s wonderful.” We’re not gonna keep score in kids’ softball games. No losers. It’s unfair that somebody should lose. By the same token in those same sporting events everybody gets a trophy for being a Valuable Player even if there are fat slobs sitting on the bench waddling to first base, they still get a trophy. The problem is they grew up and they entered the real world and they found out the real world isn’t anything like that. You don’t get a trophy for doing nothing, there are winners and losers, and there is right and wrong — and when that reality hits you, and you haven’t been prepared for it because you’ve been raised as a baby by a bunch of other babies, you join Occupy Wall Street.



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