Forget all of those Drudge Report headlines about the vacationing first lady’s $2,000 sun dress, the president’s six-plus hour golf outings, and their three-hour, $100-a-person dinner tasting at posh Alan Wong’s restaurant in Honolulu.

Because the president’s 2012 campaign has a new Joe Sixpack theme: “He’s just a dude!”

Softening his image and making him appear more approachable than his whining White House press corps—kept far from his Hawaii vacation stops—suggests, the campaign is distributing a short interview with one of President Obama’s donor dining guests who said his host was far from Superman.

“He’s just a dude!” says Casey Helbling, who attended Obama’s hot dog dinner with low-dollar donors in northern Virginia last October. “It was great to have a frank conversation with him, to realize that he’s not Superman,” he added.

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