My Advice to Mitt: Run to the Right of Newt

So. Now, here’s AP, headline: “Gingrich Surge Unnerves Some Republican Lawmakers — Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s stunning surge toward the top of the Republican presidential field has unnerved some Republicans in Congress who remember too well the tumult of nearly two decades ago.

“‘I’d rather have steady,’ said Rep. Steve LaTourette of Ohio, who just this week made it known that he was backing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney instead of the resurgent Gingrich, the man who led the 1994 ‘revolution’ in which LaTourette was first elected. Personally, LaTourette said, he has a ‘hangover’ from the days of Gingrich’s speakership, when ‘everything always seemed to be on fire'” back then. “In interviews this week, more than a dozen Republican members of the House and Senate wouldn’t say — when given repeated chances — that they are confident that Gingrich has the discipline and stamina to outlast Romney and, down the road, face President Barack Obama in a grueling general election.

“Gingrich has had trouble marshaling support from Congress’ mass of political insiders. The 1994 ‘revolutionaries’ who turned Democrats out of power for the first time in 40 years as well as more senior lawmakers waver on the question of whether Gingrich would be good for the GOP and the country given his rocky past.” Now, keep in mind — don’t lose perspective here. And as you know, I’ve not endorsed anybody; this is not an endorsement. Running commentary. On the other side of this is Barack Obama. We are listening to Republicans tell us about Newt’s lack of discipline, whether he has the stamina, whether he would be good for the Republican Party.

“Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, who credited Gingrich with helping push through a transformative farm bill, is among those unsure whether Gingrich-as-nominee would be helpful. ‘It depends on what he does,’ said Roberts, who has not committed to a candidate for the party’s nomination.” From “Poll: Gingrich Holds Double-digit Lead In Three Of First Four Voting States — Newt Gingrich holds double-digit leads over the rest of the Republican presidential field in Iowa, South Carolina and Florida — three of the first four states that will vote in primaries or caucuses this January, according to a CNN-Time-ORC poll released on Wednesday.

“In Iowa, Gingrich leads Mitt Romney 33 percent to 20 percent, in South Carolina he leads Romney 43 percent to 20 percent, and Gingrich performs best in Florida, where he leads Romney 48 percent to 25 percent. Romney still leads the field in New Hampshire, where some say his time as governor of neighboring Massachusetts gives him a significant home-field advantage…” So while the establishment of the Republican Party is doing their best to take Gingrich out, people who are being polled are vaulting Gingrich way ahead of everybody. You know what’s happening here. What’s happening here, ladies and gentlemen, I think, is that Republican primary voters are finally saying to the establishment, “We’re not doing it your way this time.



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