Media Praise for Kim Jong-Dead

Kim Jong-il is now Kim Jong-dead, and the news media is making a business fuss over how the North Korean media and the people on the street have been weeping at the sad news. Of course they wept in the Soviet Union when Stalin died, too. And they’ll weep when Obama dies, and even the prisoners in the gulags wept when Stalin died. Tear gas will do that to you. North Korea is nothing more than one giant Soviet gulag.

Listen to this media montage.

MEADE: Smart and ruthless.

WILLIAMS: Diplomats who dealt with him describe Kim as shrewd and calculating.

SCARBOROUGH: In a demented sort of way, brilliant.

HAAS: Tactically brilliant.

RADCHENKO: A very cunning person and very smart person.

MITCHELL: Was profoundly important around the world. I actually met him when I traveled there with Madeleine Albright.



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