Media Buries Bad News for Obama in Gallup Poll, Retail Sales Numbers

We got polling data out the wazoo today. There’s a Gallup poll that says the fear of Big Government is near an all-time high. Sixty-four percent of Americans now say Big Government is the biggest threat to the country since March of 2009. What happened then? Since March of 2009 the number has shot up 16% even among Democrats. March of 2009. That’s just two months into the Obama regime. Well, no, Porkulus was February. March is when everybody figured out what had happened. March is when everybody figured out what the Porkulus really was. But March is the early days of the regime, and it shot up 16 points even among Democrats. How is that possible? Obama’s been in the White House since March of 2009. That’s how it’s possible, folks.

Also, you know, they’ve got their charts and graphs as part of the story, and the charts and graphs are even more graphic, they’re more indicative of the devastating result here than even the text of Gallup’s story. According to Gallup, America’s fear of Big Government has always dwarfed our fear of big business by a huge margin, and now the gap is bigger than ever. I know, it’s conflicting, because we also have polling data which tell us that Obama is personally very liked. I wonder about that, but nevertheless it’s out there. But now, the gap is bigger than ever, people fearing Big Government over those who fear big business, the gap is bigger than ever. The Occupy Wall Street protesters are having no effect, or maybe they’re having the opposite effect. But it’s still fun to watch all that union Obama campaign money being squandered here because it isn’t working. It’s not persuading people that Big Government’s the answer.



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