Man Claims He Signed Walker Recall Petitions 80 Times

A Milwaukee man is making claims that he’s signed petitions to recall Governor Scott Walker dozens of times.

“I think I signed about 80 times,” the unidentified man told WISN, our ABC sister station in Milwaukee. “I signed a lot of them for the past two weeks. I’ve been seeing them at the Grand Avenue Mall, out here by Pick N Save and stuff like that.”

Asked if he knows only one of his signatures will be counted, he said, “Oh well. Whatever it takes to get Scott Walker out of here, I’m happy.”

The Government Accountability Board will receive the recall petitions when they are due January 17, but the GAP won’t necessarily catch people who signed more than once.

The GAP says in accordance with state law it’s not that agency’s job to catch duplicate signatures. That’s ultimately left to whomever is being recalled — in this case, Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.



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