Long Knives Out for Newt — on Both Sides of Washington Establishment

No, it’s not about that! It’s not about that. It’s all about the Senate. That’s all it’s about. It’s about maybe taking the Senate and holding the House. They’ve given up on winning the White House, Snerdley. It’s not about anything other than that. I’ve explained it once before. I’ll be happy to explain it again. No, folks, we’re talking about here the long knives are out for Newt Gingrich … in the Republican Party! In what you think is the conservative movement. There is no conservative movement per se that includes conservative media. I’ve finally come to that conclusion: There is no conservative movement. We are conservative movement people — the Tea Party are, you and I — but in conservative media circles they don’t consider themselves part of the conservative movement.

I really think that will go a long way to explaining the things people scratch their heads about. So Herman Cain dropped out of the race. I tell you, folks, I am so conflicted about this on a number of levels, but the one thing that… (sigh) Well, I’m not even sure of this anymore. I was gonna say, “Somebody show me the evidence,” but I think there probably is some now, the Ginger White thing. If it weren’t for that you could say that the media has another scalp to put on their belt. Others are arguing, “No, no, no, Rush! This is the system working. Come on, Rush, face it: The guy didn’t have a clue on foreign policy. The system has worked. It’s weeded out somebody that’s unqualified.” Well, you can think about it however you wish.

Now, what I was talking about here at the beginning of the program: The long knives are out for Newt Gingrich. Folks, George Will has called Newt Gingrich in a column a “Marxist.” I don’t think he’s ever called Obama a Marxist! Everybody’s dumping all over Trump. Trump is gonna moderate a debate on December 27th that’s gonna have about two viewers, and everybody in the conservative establishment is dumping on Trump, and so Trump is turning around and dumping on them, and we’ve got the audio sound bites. I haven’t listened to the audio sound bites. I’ve got the roster, got the transcripts. Some of it’s quite funny. I’ll tell you, folks, this is fascinating to watch. We have the most unqualified guy to walk in the room no matter what room he goes into in Barack Obama.



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