Libs Think Payroll Tax Issue Works for Obama

You will not see this poll in the Drive-By Media. It’s a Rasmussen poll: “60% Favor Building Keystone XL Pipeline.” Here it is, I have it in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. “Most voters support the building of the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to Texas and believe it can be built without harming the environment.” Of course it can. We have 625,000 miles of pipeline in this country, 625,000 miles. As I pointed out yesterday, the earth is just under 25,000 miles around at the equator. So 625,000 miles of pipeline and it doesn’t leak and you know, folks, you people in New York, I’ll bet you don’t even know this.

You people that live in Jamaica, you know, out near the airport, JFK, do you ever see fuel trucks driving in and out of JFK? You don’t. I mean you might see an occasional gasoline tanker to fuel gas stations nearby, but do you know that the jet fuel that fuels the jets, that powers the jets, do you know that the jet fuel is not trucked to JFK? Do you know that that’s underground pipelines? That jet fuel, highly flammable jet A, kerosene, if you will, is just feet beneath your home, perhaps? Yeah, and other petroleum products. In order to get it in the quantities they need, they couldn’t possibly truck it there, so it’s in a constant pipeline. Jet fuel, underground in Queens. And when’s the last time that there has been a rupture in that pipeline?

That’s why I said, imagine you’re president of the United States, and you’re running for reelection, and you have to veto a project that will create 200,000 jobs when it’s over and increase the amount of oil we have for ourselves without having to import it from a Middle Eastern country, you have to veto that in order to have a chance to win. No, terrorists have tried, Snerdley. In fact, two terrorists were arrested and jailed for life trying to blow up the JFK pipeline. It wasn’t that long ago. It was August, 2010. (interruption) No, the security on it’s amazing. But my point, it doesn’t rupture and leak. There’s all the arguments with the Keystone pipeline. You know, it would make a little sense if we didn’t have 625,000 miles of pipe under the ground in this country already, but to say, yeah, it could leak, it could hurt the tundra in Nebraska, it could harm the horses. What a crock. You’re president of the United States and you have to veto progress in order to have a chance to be reelected. I wouldn’t want to be him. I’d rather be us.



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