Is Newt Really a Big Gov’t Guy?

Look, I’m not so sure Newt was talking about a new government program. He didn’t specify, but you could say that you could take dollars from the existing schools budget, the existing education budget. We wouldn’t need any new dollars. I mean, everybody would fight us on this but you could divert some of the redundant wasteful dollars that we’re already spending on education. We’re not talking about paying these kids six-figure salaries. That’s for when they become adult janitors for the SEIU — and you try to get one of those guys’ jobs, they will break your bones. In New York City janitors own yachts; 60 Minutes profiles them for all the stuff they got at home in the garage. They make six figure salaries, and if you try to take their job you will have an arm less or a knee busted or some such thing.

But we’re not talking about that here.

I’m sure Newt’s talking about paying these kids, what, minimum wage, 50 cents, who knows? Whatever it is, just to establish a behavior that wouldn’t require a new stash of money, it certainly wouldn’t require a new government program, but I can understand people thinking, “Oh, gosh. Oh, no. Here’s a guy from Washington proposing spending more.” I know how people could arrive at the thought that Newt was proposing a new government program. He’s a Washington guy. (interruption) What was that? (interruption) Mmm-hmm. (interruption) Yeah, try that. (laughs) They’re already there for lunch and dinner (laughing) we may as well make ’em work? Yeah, “Sing for your supper, kid. We’re gonna start serving you dinner here at school, so…” You think they could…? I wonder if they have to clean up their tables after lunch. Do they have to take the tray anywhere or get up and leave and the school nurse comes along and picks it up?



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