House GOP Adopts Language of Left

So the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives believes compromise. That’s right, folks, compromise! That’s what you want, the American people want compromise: You want our guys to work with the Democrats. At least there is a positive note here, and that is that Boehner and Cantor and these guys said it’s time for the Democrats to compromise. Normally it works the other way. Normally we are the ones are supposed to compromise. But, noooo, not this time. But still, this is what they say. Using the language of the left.

This, I’m telling you, their political consultants, their pollsters, their advisers are telling them the independents want compromise, the independents want Democrats and Republicans to work together. The independents and the moderates don’t like all this gridlock and confrontation. So whoever is structuring the Republican language here, we can tell that the establishment consultants and pollsters are making sure that they use language that they think the American people want to hear — and I think they couldn’t be more wrong.

Meanwhile, here’s Dingy Harry. Let’s go ahead and play this. This is this morning in Washington, Dingy Harry on the Senate floor. Remember, now, when our guys get too critical — when our guys don’t compromise, when our guys stand steady on their turf, hold the line — that’s not good. The independents aren’t gonna like that! “Oh, no, no, Rush! The independents, you’re gonna send ’em off. They gonna be racing off to the Democrats. They don’t like this confrontation, don’t like this bombast, don’t like any of this stuff that you have to offer.” Now, this is where the independents are going. This is the kind of thing that’s attractive to the independents.



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