High court to consider Arizona’s appeal on migrant law – Kagan recuses herself

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will hear a case on Arizona’s tough immigration-crackdown law, adding yet another contentious clash between the Obama administration and the states to the docket that already includes a challenge to the president’s new health care law.

At stake is whether Arizona and the half-dozen other states that followed its lead can have their own state and local police check the immigration status of those they suspect to be illegal immigrants, and whether states can require legal immigrants to carry their papers with them at all times.

Arguing that the federal government has failed to tackle illegal immigration, Arizona enacted its law in 2010 to try to make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to live and work in the state. Backers said they hoped the measure would push illegal immigrants out of Arizona, which they said would save the state hundreds of millions of dollars in education and prison costs and benefit payments.



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