Europe’s Problem is Liberalism

The economic news is continually bad. Some of it’s disheartening. (interruption) Well, I’m gonna get to… (interruption) Okay, Snerdley is saying, “How are we saving Europe?” Europe has kicked their problem down the road for in other ten days. Here’s what you really need to know, if anything, about Europe. Can you believe that Poland has asked Germany to use its power to bail them out? In our lifetimes, would you ever believe that that could happen? Number two. The International Monetary Fund is not meant to be used as it is being used here. Without going into great detail, the International Monetary Fund is not to prop up countries. It’s a temporary infusion to help, at best currencies, but it’s not meant as it’s being used now. The latest plan for the IMF — which is us, and we don’t have the money, either.

Nobody has any money. None of this is real. In the meantime, in Great Britain… Folks, there are so many little stories out there today that, alone, they don’t say a whole lot. But after a passage of time if you look at any one of them, they foretold a massive event to come. There are two of them, actually. This business with the British embassy in Iran being attacked and shut down is tiny little story, but it’s not gonna end well. This is one of these things just like the 1979 hostage crisis for the United States. Our embassy was attacked, and hostages were taken. No Brit hostages have been taken in Iran, but there were all kinds of things that led up to that 1979 taking of our embassy that didn’t really register until after the fact, and you put ’em all together, and there was a pattern.



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