Don’t Let the Media Pick Our Candidate

Now, when we discuss the media picking the candidate, what we mean is the media will decide who they don’t want and they’ll take out, like Herman Cain or whoever. They’ll try to take them out with rotten stories, innuendo, hit pieces, you name it, before anybody’s had a chance to vote — and it’s happening. This stuff largely happens before anybody has a chance to vote, the media picking the candidate. Right now, you say that the mainstream media is not doing much on Newt. Newt is down ten points in Iowa in a matter of three days. Somebody’s getting the word out. We know that the Republican establishment — and, by the way, the Republican establishment likes to deny that they exist.

They like to say that there really isn’t a Republican establishment. The Republican establishment is the permanent political class in the Beltway with offshoot groups in New York. The permanent political class will include media people who are there regardless who wins elections — donors, big donors are part of the political class, and certain elected officials. And after they lose an election, they still remain in the Ruling Class, either by becoming a lobbyist or finding some related job. They’re not necessarily the smartest by definition, but they are admitted or they are members because they ascribe to the groupthink — and that’s the qualification. It isn’t money so much, it isn’t pedigree of school so much, although that is a factor more than other things.

But largely it’s groupthink, and it’s a permanent group of people — with underlings, small fry, and young up-and-coming so-called superstars trying to get into it — and that’s the bunch that’s been dumping all over Newt. The permanent political class has been dumping all over him, and they say they’ve got their reasons. The mainstream media is reporting that, too. The mainstream media’s reporting what’s going on within the Republican political class, and it is working, and the bad thing is it’s elevating Ron Paul in both the Hawkeye Cauci and the New Hampshire primary. Anyway, Ruthy, thanks for the call. I appreciate it. I’m glad you enjoyed the Rush to Excellence Tour at Town Hall in Manhattan.



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