Coke’s Polar Bear Cans Crap Out

So what was it, about three weeks ago or month ago Coca-Cola decided that — and it always amazes me, these supposedly smart companies. You know, Coca-Cola considered to be one of the smartest marketing companies out there, they’ve really only made one mistake, and that was 1985 and they came out with New Coke, and it didn’t work. In fact, I remember it was such a disaster, Larry King had his show… No. No, no, no. Before Larry King had his show on CNN, the gal that hosted that hour on CNN was a blonde named Sandy Freeman, and her husband was a big time agent or lawyer or something (it doesn’t matter to anything; i’m just remembering this) and she had on at the time the current CEO of Coca-Cola, a guy named Roberto Goizueta.

It was Roberto Goizueta and his administration and Coke that had gone to New Coke, and he brought it on that show and everybody is tasting it, rendering their opinions on it. I remember this Goizueta guy, he was very, very suave and “de-boner.” That’s “debonair,” for those of you in Rio Linda. Debonair. (impression) “Sandy, you know, we at Coca-Cola do extensive researcher, Sandy.” Anyway, didn’t work, and they had to come up with I mean a microflash and that’s how Coke Classic came to be. They had to go back to the original because the New Coke tint work. Well, they’ve done it again. They did it again. They’ve come out and decided, just like these people at GE, to “go green.” See what happened here, people in corporate America a lot of times are followers, and if they think a large enough segment of the population believes this global warming green energy crap?

Well, even though they’ll come out with products with green packaging or some green aspect to it in their marketing or advertising. The product isn’t any different, they just packaging it or marketing it differently because they think that they can convince consumers that they’re saving the planet by buying this predictable product. It’s their business to sell things. So Coca-Cola decides, like years late on this,that they’re gonna get in on the polar-bears-are-dying craze. The problem is the polar bears aren’t dying and this has been established or affirmed over the recent number of months, maybe years, but they decided to come out with a white can for Christmas, with a mom and a couple of baby polar bears on it with the notion that some of the proceeds are gonna go to the save the polar bear fund.



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