Clinton Cashed in on Corzine Scam

“Even as Jon Corzine’s MF Global was collapsing, a firm that includes former President Clinton in a senior post was raking in huge fees for public relations and financial advice. Clinton was part of a company called Teneo Holdings.” He was the CEO, the chief exec, something or other, and this outfit that Clinton was the head of was getting 50 grand a month on a retainer from Corzine because Corzine said he wanted access to Clinton’s political “family.” That’s sort of like saying you want to be in with the Gambino bunch or the Lucchese mob. He wants to be a made guy. Corzine wants to be let in, wants to do the whole blood transfer thing. So 50 grand to Clinton’s group for “PR.” How did that work out for him?

Financial advice? How did that work out for him? Doesn’t Bill Clinton have enough money? Can I turn this line around? You liberals like this line: “Doesn’t Bill Clinton have enough money?” He’s always bragging about how much money he makes and how much taxes he pays and how he’s eager and willing to pay even more taxes and Hillary Clinton does the same thing. “Doesn’t Bill Clinton have enough money?” What in the world is he doing taking $50,000 from Jon Corzine’s company — a company which, by the way, filed for bankruptcy, went belly up and commingled client money with company money trying to cover losses, and now all of that money that belonged to individuals is gone.

Yet Bill Clinton got 50 grand a month out of this operation. Now, where is anybody upset about “the appearance of impropriety” here? All we’re hearing about today is what a rotten SOB Newt Gingrich is. (New Castrati impression) “That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh! Well, you can talk about Clinton all you want but as we all know, Gingrich was involved with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or one of the two and took millions of dollars for historian lobbying purposes.”



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