A new low in American politics: Personally attack candidate’s supporters

Having followed politics since a young child, I must say in over 40 years that I have never witnessed such a level of demonization being targeted at a candidate’s supporters rather than at the candidate. It would certainly be safe to say that not only have the gloves come off in this Presidential race but it seems that even kickboxing below the belt has now become acceptable.

In review, the tactic of ignoring Ron Paul’s candidacy has obviously not been working. Playing the fear-mongering of his foreign policy, while quite effective was still not able to stop him from eventually surging. Then there was the all-court mainstream press attacks leveled at him by invoking the “play the race card” approach. Since all of these more traditional dirty tactics have not seemed to be wildly effective, it would seem that possibly the memo went out to sink to a new low in American politics and try to make voters feel almost embarrassed to support Ron Paul. Just a little observation here. It is probably not a wise move at this point to fuel the flames of his support with absolute outrage.



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