Zuccotti Park Liberated, Protesters Can Move Back in with Parents

Okay, so the good news is that the cops have finally liberated Zuccotti Park from the Occupy army, occupation army of these lousy hippies, thieves, rapists, purse snatchers, muggers who were camped out there. The bad news is that they’re now back out on the streets, and in New York who’s gonna notice the difference? Other places you might be able to tell. According to news reports out there, ladies and gentlemen, about a dozen protesters went ahead and spent the night in Zuccotti Park, probably close to the number of people that were spending the night in Zuccotti Park every night anyway. Probably only 12 of them. We wouldn’t know because we couldn’t see inside the tents and we wouldn’t want to see inside the tents.

How much do you want to bet that most of these protesters are glad Bloomberg finally kicked ’em out and that the judge is letting the rules be enforced? This way all of these protesters can move back in with their parents without losing face now. They can still go back home as heroes. They didn’t go home, see, because it got too cold. They didn’t go home because of the lice. They didn’t go home because of all of the sexually transmitted diseases and the “scobies” or “scotties” or whatever else was going on. They didn’t go home for any of that. They were forced out. They were forced to go home by The Man. So they’re heroes. It wasn’t the conditions that drove ’em out of there.



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