Whoever Fights and Says Obama is the Problem, Will Win the GOP Nomination

The press, the media, the Democrats are trying to focus on the baggage, trying to focus on Cain’s baggage and whatever they can manufacture, or Michele Bachmann’s baggage, and even Romney’s baggage with his Romneycare. We don’t hear any reports of the baggage that Barack Obama brings to the table, but it takes a C5A cargo jet to hold it all. Newt Gingrich is making it clear that he is proud of this country and its history, of our culture, the idea of American exceptionalism. My point is here, nobody ought to be shocked to learn that a Republican who is articulating conservatism proudly, competently, confidently, articulately, nobody should be surprised that that person is nearing the top of the heap. It has been our point all along, ladies and gentlemen, has it not? Was that not why there was so much hope invested in Sarah Palin? That’s why there was so much hope in Chris Christie. They believed that that’s what Chris Christie represented.

It is why Donald Trump led in the polls at the time he was involved, because Donald Trump was fearless and was taking it to Obama and was taking it to the Democrats and was letting it be known that it’s not a question, it’s not a mystery, it’s not something misunderstood about why the country is in the problems it’s in, why it faces the challenges we face. It’s Barack Obama and his administration, his policies. And whichever of these Republicans has the ability to consistently say so, take it to Obama, stand up for America, stand up for the American people, articulate a great belief and faith in the decency and the potential greatness of the American people, when there are no obstacles in their way, is who is going to get this nomination. And that is who is going to lead in the polls. With some exceptions, of course, in the latter part of that, but for the most part it’s going to be true.

Nobody should be shocked, I don’t believe, to learn that a Republican articulating conservatism fearlessly who is also pointing out the media’s partisanship, who schools the media in their own malpractice, and the media attempts to shut that down, the establishment attempts to shut that down by saying, “Hey, that’s very, very, very beneath us to attack the media. Why, the media is who they are, it’s gonna be seen as whining and complaining. You can’t go after the media.” The American people, the vast majority of them want the media defeated every bit as much as they want Barack Obama defeated because the American people understand that they’re one and the same. The American people understand that American decline is being happily presided over by Barack Obama and the acolytes and stenographers and the fellow travelers in the media who build Obama up facilitate America’s decline. It doesn’t matter where that would be found, the American people are gonna oppose it.



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