While Committee Falls Apart, Obama Pushes Silly Tax Credit That Won’t Help Veterans

Well, Obama’s nowhere to be found. In fact, we have a piece here at TheHill.com: “Where in the World is Obama? — The president was in Hawaii while the super committee hit stall speed. What is new about this? Very little. Throughout his term, President Obama has avoided leading on the issue of fiscal responsibility. He walked away from his own commission, the one led by” Alan Simpson Babe and Irksome Bowles. It’s Judd Gregg who wrote this. “Now in a week when leadership is needed to push this critical committee to do something big and bring the nation’s fiscal house back into order, the president once again disappears. … The general consensus is that neither he nor the people around him feel there is a great upside to doing something that involves making so many difficult decisions to straighten out our nation’s fiscal future.” This is Judd Gregg. It’s a good piece in all. But would somebody explain — if we’re in trouble and if it’s so grave, if it’s so crucial, and, “We’ve got to do this budget thing and we’ve got to get it done! We’re at the crossroads! We’re at the point of no return! (all of the usual threats)” — why only 12 people are dealing with it on the super committee? How come it was farmed out to 12 people? Why isn’t the whole Congress working on this and the president? Well, we know the answer.



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