When Will the Media Do an Anal Exam of Obama Like They Do of Every Republican?

Why, then, is there this broad assumption that Obama is Mr. Mensa? Is Mr. Brilliant when it comes to foreign policy? We’re losing the Middle East under his watch. The Middle East is being transformed, being led by the Muslim Brotherhood or a military combination of the two. And the target of the reforms in the Middle East is our one ally, Israel. But yet we got a smart guy in the White House, sharp crease in his pants, very smart guy, nobody’s got the guts to debate this guy, he’s just too smart. How do we know this? Everything about Obama is an assumption. Our economy, our domestic economy is suffering in part because of the unpredictability of the Obama regime, both domestically and in the area of foreign policy. Our foreign policy suffers from the unpredictability of the Obama regime.

There’s a pattern here. Nobody knows what the Obama Doctrine is. Nobody knows. Nobody knows what the rules are gonna be, but everybody has a suspicion, which is why they’re sitting on all their assets. Everybody has this sensation that they, if they have anything, are targets. But there’s no vetting. There’s no expose. There’s no curiosity. There’s no digging. Literally no curiosity whatsoever about what might it be that animates Obama, domestic policy, foreign policy. I’m serious, what is the Obama doctrine in foreign policy? Even our so-called commentators on our side will go out and happily and with ease declare that Herman Cain is stupid and unfit. But denounce Obama and his actual record? Nope, nope, not gonna go there. Obama’s a smart guy. Obama’s one of us. He’s got the same brain, the same pedigree that we have.

Michele Bachmann is said not to be a serious candidate for president. Why? I think she’s ripe for a rebirth. Do you have any doubt that if Michele Bachmann were elected president she’d be fighting for this country each and every day? Do you have any doubt that Michele Bachmann would be doing everything in her power to return this country to a path of greatness? Does anybody have any doubt? I don’t. I have no doubt whatsoever where Michele Bachmann’s heart is. She is consistent as a conservative. She is strong as a conservative. She has shown herself to have courage and leadership qualities. She is one of anybody on that Republican dais. You compare Michele Bachmann’s life experiences to Obama and how can it be said that she is not up to the job, after the job he has done wrecking this country?



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