What If Herman Cain Were a Liberal?

I don’t know what Herman Cain did or didn’t do with those women, but I do know this: while reporters will run over their grandmothers to get their face on the air or their byline in the newspaper, they will salivate more when going after a conservative Republican than a liberal Democrat.

Yes, the so-called mainstream media uncovered Gary Hart’s sex scandal when he was running for president in 1988, and he was a liberal Democrat. They also went after Anthony Weiner, another liberal Democrat, who eventually resigned from Congress. John Edwards was something else. Reporters didn’t want any part of that lurid sex story and covered it only when they couldn’t ignore it anymore.

How about Bill Clinton? Yes, reporters covered Monica and the blue dress and all that. So we certainly can’t say they ignored his sexcapades. But it’s more complicated than that.



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