Wall Street Journal: Thanksgiving Dinner Can Kill Us, But We Deserve to Die

All right, if you are a regular listener to this program, you know that over the years we have chronicled the efforts of the left to take all enjoyment out of life, to convince you that whatever you are eating or drinking will kill you, make you sick. We have chronicled, we’ve gone from oat bran being something very healthful to something that could kill you, ditto caffeine and heart attacks and death and so forth, you know the drill. They just can’t leave it alone. And now we’ve reached the epitome of this, and it’s in a Wall Street Journal story, “Countdown to a Food Coma.” This is a story about what happens to you after you eat, what happens to your body after you eat a big meal for Thanksgiving. “Countdown to a Food Coma,” is the title. “What Happens to Your Body After a Big Meal; Clues to Future Health?”

“You have seconds on turkey and thirds on stuffing. The top button is unfastened to make room for the pumpkin pie.” When that happens, they say, “It is time to step away from the table. This post-meal recovery period is being studied by scientists who are increasingly finding that what happens in the body after eating a big meal doesn’t just bring on sleepiness, commonly known as food coma. It can also increase the risk of later health problems.” This is getting absurd. Stop the studies. Here we are, two days before Thanksgiving, and even the Wall Street Journal has to run a story about how what you eat, and how much you eat, may kill you on Thanksgiving.

“Everybody absorbs fats, sugars and other nutrients differently. These variations can provide clues about a person’s risk for common medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.” We’re talking about turkey and dressing, the traditional Thanksgiving meal, and the Wall Street Journal has a story on how you might be killed by it. “Even in healthy people, cells that line the blood vessels temporarily function less efficiently after a person eats a high-fat meal. Researchers also are studying strategies for reducing risks in the period immediately after a meal.” Who is paying for this? Why are they doing this? Whoever they are, they need to be stopped. Who cares? Has anybody ever seen on a death certificate, “He died because of what he ate on Thanksgiving as a teenager.” Who are they trying to kid?



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