Two Cain Accusers Work in Government-Related Jobs; Cain Team Blasts Perry Camp

The two women first described in sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain reportedly work in government-related jobs, including one in Maryland who has served as a spokeswoman for several federal agencies.

Though the Maryland woman — whose break with Cain has been described in some detail — refuses to let her attorney reveal her identity, lawyer Joel P. Bennett said Wednesday that she may anonymously issue a statement contesting Cain’s version of events.

Bennett said he’s trying to get the National Restaurant Association, which Cain led at the time of the accusations, to release her from a confidentiality agreement so he can provide details on Thursday.

The second woman — first described in a Politico story which sent ripples through the Cain campaign — is a registered lobbyist in New Jersey, according to a former pollster at the NRA.



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